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Are your old electronic devices gathering dust in the cabinet? Is your basement filled with unused office furniture?  Are you looking for a regional recycling facility for your packaging waste? 

The RXP solves these problems and many more. It enables products and materials to enter utilisation circuits, saves CO2 as well as waste charges and conserves resources. You might even be able to make money out of the “trash”. In addition, the RXP opens opportunities to purchase inexpensive Second Hand products. Whether you are a company, a private person or public-law institution, the RXP is suitable for everybody. 

Overview as pdf-file
Projecjt presentation by Professor Ian Williams, University of Southampton UK

Waste reduction

22372 kg
144008 Liter
3080.9 kg

Latest requests

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Darum sollten Sie TRXP nutzen

Conservation of resources

The RXP-inventory service enables you to organise your resources and have a better overview over costs and benefits of your goods. In addition, you can offer your inventoried goods for sale or hire or even post requests for yourself if you are missing anything. You can offer and search products nationally, regionally or internally in an institution and make them available for reuse and recycling. With the RXP-App it is easy to manage your products and inventory directly from your smartphone.

Up-to-date data-base

The RXP is not an auction platform. Instead it provides possibilities for offers and requests and allows providers and seekers to communicate directly and negotiate prices independently. After posting new offers or requests an algorithm ensures that the data base is automatically searched for matching entries and the respective users get linked and informed. Every third month you will be reminded to update or delete entries in the database.


All products which have been entered in the RXP can easily be transferred to the Ebay PowerSeller. Interfaces with other vendors / platforms are currently planned in order to bring together as many offers and requests as possible. The use of the platform is free for the time being as it is part of the EU project ZeroWIN. To help you get started using the platform, educational video tutorials are available in the section below. If you would like to participate in the RXP, please register. We hope you enjoy exploring and using this platform.

Video-Tutorial - und so einfach ist resource-market.eu